Costa Rica

Welcome to an incomparable paradise, where borders reach beyond the territory itself. Feel part of a home of countless species of majestic nature and an impressive natural habitat that would steal your breath, making you feel each of your senses.

We invite you to experience the privilege of fresh air, lush forests, clear water and everything that distinguishes us and gives us our reason for being. We open our doors and invite you to explore and discover the charism of our people, Costa Rica, a country of national pride and home of  a unique culture.

Over time culture and territorial and political organization of the country has been going through various changes in world history. This brings us to Costa Rica today.

If we mention some of its historical past, Costa Rica became independent from Spain in 1821, specifically on the 15th of September, when national homeland. Its government is a government of presidential democracy, which is exemplified by the Costa Rican own motto: Always Long live work and peace!, And this together with other political events gave rise to the current Costa Rica, periods important as they were the pre-Columbian period and the colonial period. As well as events of major importance as the Battle of Rivas and the Battle of Santa Rosa in 1856.

Territorial Division

As for territorial division is divided into 7 provinces, 81 counties and 463 districts.

Its provinces are: San Jose, Cartago, Limon, Alajuela, Heredia, Guanacaste and Puntarenas.

San Jose:

Has 80 counties, 118 districts, an area of 4996 km ², and a population of 1,345,750 inhabitants.


Has 8 counties, 48 districts, an area of 3,125 km ², and a population of 432,395 inhabitants.


Has 6 counties, 27 districts, an area of 9.189km ², and a population of 389,295 inhabitants.


This is where the Juan Santamaria International Airport is located at.  It has 15 counties, 108 districts, an area of 9,758 km ² and a population of 716,286 inhabitants.


Has 10 counties, 46 districts, an area of 2,657 km ² and a population of 354,732 inhabitants.


Its total land area comprises 51,100 km ², with a percentage of 0.7% water. Its borders cover a distance of approximately 516 km ², with borders on the north with Nicaragua and Panama on the south.


Its has a total population according to national census data for 2008 from approximately 4,509,352 inhabitants, distributed throughout their seven provinces. Population density: 78.6 %

Gross Domestic Product

The gross domestic product is estimated in terms of nominal at $ 21. 384 million (according to 2006 data) and $ 4 858 per capita (as dating from 2006 also).


Costa Rica has a presidential democratic government. The political system is represented by three powers, which are: the Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judicial Power.

The Executive Power consists of the President and his/her Ministers, the Legislative Power is composed of 57 members, elected every four years by popular vote, and finally the Judiciary branch composed of 22 judges, elected these every 8 years the Legislative.

National Symbols

As national symbols we have the guanacaste tree, the national flower is the purple orchid, the colors of our flag are blue, red and white, and our iconic shield represents our freedom and independence traced upon our conquest.

An place is Cocos Island. Cocos Island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1977, and a Wetland of International Importance in 1998.

There are trips and tours that show all the beauty and splendor that is contained therein.

More about general elements of the country:
  • Gentilic: Costa Rican / Tico
  • Currency: The Colon.
  • Country telephone code: +506
  • ISO Code: 188 / CRI / CR
  • Radio prefix: TIA-TIZ, TEA-TEZ
  • Internet domain:.  .cr
  • Time zone: UTC-6
  • Geographical coordinates: 9 ° 56’W” N, 84 º W. 5’O”



January 1st New Year
Last Week March-First Week April Lent Thursday

Lent Friday


April 11th Día Juan Santamaría´s Day/ Santa Rosa Battle
June Father´s Day
July 25th Annexation Nicoya Party to CR.
May 1st Labor Day
August 2nd Day of the Virgin of los Angeles
August 15th Mother´s Day
September 9th Children´s Day
Septermber 15th Independence Day
October 12th Columbus Day
December 25th  Christmas
December 31st New Year´s Eve