Discovery Travel Green is a program to protect the environment, to arouse community awareness and social welfare, whereby Discovery Travel Costa Rica describes itself as: faithful protector and defender of our nature, our environment, and our society.

Through this program as a company and as a team we have adopted a  green and sustainable culture in all our activities. We promote the Project to help our nature and the ecosystem that surrounds us and to which we belong, as well as our communities, our suppliers and partners in the field of tourism.

Our recycling campaign gets stronger each time and thus we are pleased to contribute our bit for the world in which we live!

Some of our achievements as part of our Discovery Travel Green program are:

Our tools and sustainable uses:
  • Developing a procurement manual through which we have  established policies and purchasing criteria based on sustainability issues.
  • The use of cleaning products for our offices as (soaps, trash bags, sprays, disinfectants) approved and certified by authorized institutions and chemical regents as biodegradable cleaning articles.
  • Selection of suppliers distinguished by sustainable practices-or-preferably those that have some form of recognized certification.
  • We let our suppliers know about our position as a company concerned about the environement , so that they can join our efforts effectively.
Our staff:
  • Having trained all our staff about policies we support such as: environmental and social awareness, first aid, evacuation, among other relevant issues allows us to strengthen our philosophy internally, but also to externally communicate it and transfer it to our suppliers, customers, and intermediaries.
  • Creation and implementation of tools for all areas of our office, in order to fully comply  with our environmental regulations (separate waste containers, reused paper, labeling instructions, etc.).
  • We conduct regular meetings with our staff, providing opportunities for feedback internally in order to achieve optimal results in each of the operational areas, with constant support and contribution of our employees.
Our goals (water, energy, solid waste management):
  • Savings in paper consumption through reusing it for internal purposes.
  • Awareness of energy saving and water as precious means of life.
  • Monthly recycling campaigns; daily collection in all offices with its labeling and instructions for waste separation.
Our social awareness and social Nuestra conciencia social y  aporte a la comunidad:
  • Apoyo a las normativas de: Ley de Protección del Patrimonio Arqueológico y de Vida Silvestre, Sobre la Ley Orgánica del Ambiente, Ley de Biodiversidad, Ley contra la Explotación Sexual Comercial Infantil, Ley sobre Estupefacientes, Sustancias Psicotrópicas y Drogas de Uso No Autorizado, Ley contra el Hostigamiento Sexual en el Empleo y la Docencia.
  • Miembro del Código de Conducta de Explotación Sexual y Comercial de Menores
  • Participación en Campañas de Limpieza y Brigadas a la comunidad
  • Un registro de cuido en el tratamiento de aguas residuales y disposición en el recinto de nuestro domicilio comercial con los respectivos administradores del mismo
  • Somos una empresa que apoya al sector de personas con capacidades y limitaciones especiales.
  • Contamos con un reglamento para visita a las aéreas protegidas para todos nuestros clientes.
Our social consciousness and contribution to the community:
  • Support for regulations about: Protection of archaeological and wildlife on the environment Act, Biodiversity Act, Act against children comercial exploitation , Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic substances, Law against sexual harassment in employment and teaching.
  • Member of the Code of conduct and commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  • Participation in cleaning campaigns and community brigadesA record of care for the treatment and disposal of wastewater in the grounds of our business offices together with the administrators of the building.
  • We are a company that supports the people with special disabilities and limitations.
  • We have a regulation for all our customers to visit protected areas.