Terms and Conditions

The content Discovery Travel Costa Rica S.A web site is privilege and confidential information, for the exclusive use of the visitor and user. Discovery Travel Costa Rica S.A disclaims any liability arising from the misuse of its contents, and reserves the right to update them whenever needed, eliminate, limit them or prohibit its access, temporarily or permanently.  Under no means, the receiving party is authorized to use this information by a total or partial way for its own use, publicize or being use by third parties benefit. The manipulation by the receiving party, of the information given by Discovery Travel Costa Rica S.A, to third parties, will give the right to Discovery Travel Costa Rica S.A to take the corresponding legal actions.


Discovery Travel acts as an agent for passengers in relation to their trip and services, could these be buses, cars, train, boats or planes and DOES NOT take any responsibility for damages, loss, accidents, delays or any other type of incident that may happen for any reason related to mechanical failures of vehicles, boats and planes or for any other reason including third parties lack of responsibilities.

Discovery Travel DOES NOT take any responsibility for any type of accidents, damages to thirds parties or personal objects, losses, injuries or any additional expenses incurred due to illness, Acts of God, weather conditions, strikes, arrests, civil war, wars, quarantines, thefts, international travel arrangements to get and depart from Costa Rica, government regulations or restrictions, discrepancies, changes and any expenses incurred due to airline delays or any other type of delay.

Discovery Travel reserves the right to cancel or make changes to any service and change rates as well as cancel or modify stops in any of the excursions offered without prior notice as well as change the use of any of our affiliate companies if considered convenient.


Discovery Travel requests a deposit of 50% of the total amount charged for the services. This deposit must be made 90 before the passenger’s arrival. The other 50% must be paid 30 days before the passenger’s arrival whether is a group of an FIT.


Discovery Travel will reimburse any deposits made for groups or FIT in case of a cancellation but we will deduct from this reimbursement any late cancellation fee imposed by one of our affiliates, any non-refundable pre-payment portion and other administrative expenses incurred related to the coordination and reservation of any services previously requested.